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MMM's Suggested Movie List

An Ever Growing List Of Movies For Every Situation!

Lists Separated By Genre - Use Ctrl + F To Search For Themes/Tags

1. Comedy
     Some of my personal favorites in the comedy department. Some may not be for everyone, thats for sure.

Pineapple Express - 9/10
     -Very funny movie, definitely worth watching at least once!
TAGS: Seth Rogen, John Franco, Gary Cole, Weed, Marijuana, Grow Op, Dealer, Strain, Adventure, Drug Lord, Stoner, High, Drugs

Knocked Up - 8.5/10
     -Funny romantic comedy, definetely a good movie with a good moral.
TAGS: Seth Rogen, Drunk, Club, Pregnant, Stoners, Weed, Marijuana, Shrooms, Drugs, Sex Comedy

Superbad - 9.5/10
     -VERY funny teen-sex comedy. If you havent seen it, you definitely should.
: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Teens, Sex Comedy, Party, Alcohol, Girls, Drunk, Cops, Police, Awkward

Road Trip - 9/10
     -Great road trip movie involving 3 college kids on a journey to retrieve an accidentally mailed sex tape.
: Road Trip, Seann William Scott, college, sex, sex tape, driving, teens

Euro Trip - 8/10
     -Another fine road trip movie. Involves a few teenagers traveling to Europe to meet a girl the main character met on the internet.
TAGS: Europe, road trip, teens, sex, sex comedy, amsterdam, girls

Sex Drive - 9/10
     -Road trip movie involving a group of 3 teenagers traveling to meet a girl met over the internet. Basically the US version of Euro Trip, but funnier and IMO more interesting.
TAGS: road trip, teens, sex, girls, romantic, amish, cars

The Hangover - 8.5/10
     -Some people love it, some people hate it. Its a pretty funny movie, but has some slow parts. Definitely see it if you havent.
TAGS: hangover, adults, alcohol, hotel, pills, flashback, clues

The Hangover 2 - 8.7/10
     -Very good sequel in my opinion. You dont need to see the first to see this, but it definitely helps. Borrows a lot from the first, which bothered a lot of people.
TAGS: hangover, sequel, marriage, wedding, pills, cocaine, tattoo

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle - 9/10
     -Hilarious movie, a must see. Plot involves two stoners going to white castle. Oh and a lot of other funny stuff in the middle, dont worry.
TAGS: stoner, marijuana, weed, cannabis, joint, Neil Patrick Harris, women, strippers, girls, racist

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay - 9.5/10
     -Even more epic then the first. Same characters, bigger adventure. Double the racist jokes.
TAGS: stoner, marijuana, weed, cannabis, Neil Patrick Harris, Bong, terrorist, plane, jail, amsterdam

Old School - 8.9/10
     -Pretty funny movie about a few grown men starting up their own fraternity.
TAGS: Vince vaughn will ferrill, fraternity, college, alcohol, girls, losers

Zack and Miri Make a Porno - 9/10
     -Another great Seth Rogen movie. A romantic comedy about a few friends in desperate need of money, putting together a makeshift porno. Hilarious.
TAGS: Seth Rogen, sex, porn, porno, women, love, romance, friends

Zombieland - 9/10
     -Very good movie about a zombie infested America, and its last few survivors. Many laughs along the way.
TAGS: zombies, teens, girls, action, gore, love

Waiting - 8.7/10
     -Movie about a restaurant full of sarcastic and cruel waiters. Plays on many restaurant stereotypes and myths. A good laugh.
TAGS: Restaurant, waiters, sex, girls,

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - 9.7/10
     -One of the trippiest movies ever, I swear. About a reporter and his attorney who drive through the south west covering a story on a dirt bike race. All the while trying drugs from the reporters huge drug collection.
TAGS: Drugs, LSD, Mescaline, Ether, Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana, Trippy, cocaine, stoners, cops, desert

Step Brothers - 8/10
40 Year Old Virgin - 8.7/10
American Pie - 9.3/10
American Pie 2 - 9/10
American Wedding - 8/10
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love - 8/10
Ferris Buellers Day Off - 9/10
Grown Ups - 8/10
Borat - 9.1/10
Bruno - 7.8/10
Billy Madison - 8/10
Happy Gilmore - 9.1/10
The Waterboy - 9/10
Airplane! - 9/10
The Naked Gun 33 1/2
Smiley Face - 8.9/10

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