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How To Get A FREE Zippo Lighter
12/12/2010, 6:06:41 PM

How To Get A Free Zippo Lighter


1. First go to and click on the yellow "Join Us" button.

2. The next page you will see will be a form. You must fill this form out correctly, but it doesn't necessarily have to be your information.
DO NOT use the address that you want the lighter shipped to!
I suggest filling the form with your neighbors info, or better someone you don't like's info because their gonna get lots of mail form these guys.
Make sure that you put in a name that matches that address. If Joe lives at 123 Fake Street in real life, put that.
The password cannot be over 8 characters.

It MUST be a real person that's OVER 18!

Use to make a temp email address

3. Click "Return To USA Gold" and wait for the email to show up in your temp email inbox.
When the email arrives, go to the link that it contains to confirm your account.
"Return To USA Gold" again.
Log in using the details you created.

4. Click
FREE LIGHTER at the bottom.
Select which lighter style you want.

5. You will notice you cant edit the name at this point, that's fine.
Change the street address to yours.
Change the city and zip code to yours as well.
Say you heard about them from whatever.
Check the I Agree box.
Click Submit.

6. It will now say Wait 4-6 Weeks For Your Free Lighter.
For some people that's accurate, but for me it took over 2 months lol.




Thats the lighter I just got in the mail. To my suprise it was amazingly well made, and worked very well.
It, however, is not a true Zippo, but its a very well made copy and its limited edition so its still pretty good.

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